Who am I?

Victor Iturrioz here! Nice to meet you!

I’m an online marketer & digital strategist, currently employed as Senior Digital Strategist at DDB Barcelona.

Borned and raised in Barcelona.

Barça fan to the bone, and member of the Club since 1987.

Love creativity & communication.

My set of skills allow me to help brands use digital media to achieve their marketing goals from a creative and business oriented perspective.

This is my professional blog, so I write opinion posts about whatever I want, usually related to advertising, creativity, strategy and digital marketing.

You can contact me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter.

Where does the Logo come from?

I believe that the featured image makes it pretty obvious; but here’s a little story to it.

I loved Inception at first sight. I have watched it a few times and I still do. Once, talking with a friend, he told me that he “had planted the Inception” in his boss about some campaign he wanted to run, and I realised how this concept perfectly expose our work’s nature.

Since I spent many years as an independant Online Marketing Consultant, I developed my personal brand and I decided that this Totem -that anybody would recognize- would perfectly simbolize my understanding of how advertising and creativity work.